Simple. Sweloxx is the only container lock that can be fitted and removed in less than a minute without any tools. The job is easily done by one person, saving cost, time and effort. There is no need for welding, drilling or customizing, and the container will not be damaged or weakened in any way.

It is stronger and safer than any other existing container lock, and it can be used and re-used over and over again on any container, sustaining the same security level. So, whether you are in the business of logistics, distributing valuable consumer products or providing storage, Sweloxx is the perfect solution.

It is probably the best sea container lock in the world, as it fits within the containers locking bars. Hence, there will be no damage to the lock while being handled or transported. It is also especially suitable for stationary use, as the Sweloxx can be fitted even if the container is slightly tilted.

This lock fits all ISO-containers with inner door beams of 100 x 50 mms. It can also be made for inner door beams of 80 x 40 mms, please contact us.

Safe. Sweloxx is a Swedish patented quality product manufactured from reinforced premium steel by an ISO 9001- supplier, and is certified to security level SBSC Class 4 / EN 12320 Grade 5 / Code Red. It is designed for and sold with the padlock Abloy PL 350.

Abloy padlocks have been the market leaders for decades. Independent test results have confirmed that Abloy padlocks continue to operate smoothly after the toughest corrosion tests. They are therefore recommended as the best possible choice for unprotected use in severe conditions. Durable materials such as hardened boron steel provide effective protection against drilling, sawing, cutting, twisting or shimming.

Keys can be shipped separately, or made on destination according to the unique key code. 

Unique. The Sweloxx patent is unique, as it secures the container independently from the existing locking bars, and locks both doors from the outside and from the inside! One part is placed on the inside of the container, which grips over the inner door beams. After the doors are closed, it’s “eye” sticks through the doors, and the outer part of the lock is then placed over it.

Finally, the padlock is fitted inside the outer part through the “eye”. Please see below for pictures.

The standard locking bars on the container can easily be cut, and Sweloxx locks the container independently from these. Any attempt to tamper with the container will immediately be noticed.

But what makes the Sweloxx more secure than any other lock? And what makes the Sweloxx unique in its kind? 

One part (the box) of the steel Sweloxx is placed inside the container, which not only makes it impossible to remove the lock by force from the outside, but it also provides space for all sorts of electronic devices like 'sniffers' and RFID equipment. The box of the lock can be made as big as needed. 

How to attach the lock, from left to right (one person can do the job):

1 2 3

Open the right door of the container and go inside. One part (the box) of the lock is situated inside the container, on the left door.  Left is as seen from outside. Attach the box (there is a spring in the box) on the door. Secure the box with the locking pin.
(Click on all pictures for larger version)

4 5 6

7 8 9

After attaching the box of the lock, the 'eye' of the lock (slide #8) will be on the outside.

10 11 12

Now the outer part (slide #9) can pe put over the 'eye'.

13 14 15

Tryck kåpan sedan över låsöglan. (foto #13) 

16 17 18

The Sweloxx does not stick out from the vertical bars, which means it can actually stay on the container at sea. 
This is a major breakthrough in container security. The best locks so far are welded onto the container and have to be cut off with heavy duty equipment. This is both money and time consuming. 

Click here for films that describe the lock further.

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